It has been announced that Amazon are to acquire Blinkfeed, a new mobile news app. What is in this news that made it so special? What does this acquisition mean for the mobile app market?

Is it possible to make an app which will be bought by Apple and Android users alike? Or do some apps have to be made only for a single platform, the iOS, and then sold only in the Apple Store?

Apple announced their new app store, App Store, and Google announced the Google Play store, which was previously Play store for Android users. In this blog post I look at the differences between the App and Play stores.

This meal would be a good choice for any person needing a mid-afternoon snack. It can be eaten as a salad or as a main dish with any of your favorite vegetables. To see what’s new, check out these recipes to find the ones you’ll want to make again! If you try one, let me know. If you’re looking for one of these on the blog, check this powerful kale salad. Let’s make the best use of this fresh produce!

According to the Highsnobiety page, football fans are even willing to buy designer collections and look their best for their favorite club since the 1970s. Football and fashion are two things that rhyme. We can see this in the jerseys worn by the players. Not only that, fans' clothes usually highlight a very distinctive fashion side. The fans' style also gave a little influence on the development of streetwear until now.

MapleStory M is a mobile variation of the after common side-scrolling MMORPG MapleStory. There exists a Korean variation that's been introduced for a couple years now. For the newcomers, listed here is a guide on MapleStory M along with some tips you need to know of. Unlike the MapleStory on PC, that mobile game allows more experience items for quests.

Microsoft announced the acquisition of LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. But in this blog post I wanted to ask, is Microsoft buying LinkedIn as a company or the same time they bought Yammer for around $1.2 billion?

Microsoft announced today that they are to acquire Yammer for about $1.2 billion. Does this change the future of social networking? Will we see the same thing happen to Facebook as happened to MySpace?